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How do the classes work ?
All classes are online by skype, with a duration of 45 min. Each class covers a different topic, where you wonn´t be taught grammar rule by rule, but with conversational examples. At the end of each class you receive extra material that you can use to improve the lesson given.

Which days can you take the classes ?
You can take the classes any day of the week, is just a matter to set an hour.

How much it cost ?
Every class of 45 min cost 8 USD.

How do you pay ?
You can pay with any type of card using paypal.

What do you need ?
All you need is a computer, an internet connection, a skype accoount, a microphone, and a webcam (optional).

Can you change my course later on?
Of course, you can change your course at any time sending an email.

Can you take trial class ?
Yes, you can try a 30 min free class where you will see how the classes are given and I will see your spanish level.
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